NEOS petition for an end to the Tyrolean educational chaos

The aim must be to get the virus under control, not our children!

Innsbruck (OTS) A petition – accompanied by a large-scale campaign – is supposed to turn the tide in the Tyrolean educational chaos, says NEOS club chairman Dominik Oberhofer: “State and federal government are completely overwhelmed. Mask and test chaos, school closings and home schooling dominate everyday life. Schools fight their way through ordinances; there is no more time for their very own task, the educational mandate. Parents, students and educators have to pay for what the government has missed! ”

With their petition, the Pinkies in Tyrol are campaigning, among other things, to PREVENT school closings and the use of masks in kindergartens and elementary schools, to PREFER educational institutions during tests with fast lane, to achieve SHORTER quarantine times for healthy pupils or to stop home schooling:

Dominik Oberhofer is optimistic and hopes for a 4-digit result: “In the coming days we will be running to get every single signature to increase the pressure on the Tyrolean state government.” Because, so the pink club boss concluded: “Children are not super spreaders and do not belong to the risk group. We must not deprive them of their right to education. Finally there was iEnough victims in this crisis. Let’s not allow our children’s education to fall victim to the pandemic! “(ER)

Inquiries & contact:

NEOS Tirol State Parliament Club
Edith Reichel
Press officer


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