Montpellier. For a “Clubster” evening, revelers gathered in an accommodation transformed into

TO Montpellier (Hérault) on the night of Friday 30 to Saturday 31 July, about thirty people had gathered without masks in an apartment, reports Free noon.

It was the neighbors, annoyed by the noise, who called the police in the early morning. Once the agents of the anti-crime brigade on the spot, they discovered a party worthy of a real nightclub, says France Blue Hérault : bouncer at the entrance, DJ on the decks and a whole range of sound equipment and light shows.

Two suspects summoned

As in discotheques, several alcohols, separated into several categories, were offered for consumption. Payments could even be made via a payment terminal connected to a telephone, report the local media. A flyer of the event was also found on site. This announced an evening « Clubster, underground house et techno music ».

Finally, it was two suspected organizers, absent at the time of the intervention of the police, who were identified, according to France 3 Occitanie. Summoned to the Montpellier police station, the two suspects risk being prosecuted for “Covert work and illegal opening of a drinking establishment”, notes the regional channel.



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