Minister Prof. Serbezova: No covid measures are needed at the national level

The Minister of Health Prof. Asena Serbezova STAFF: NEW TV

“There are big differences in morbidity between the different regions. This is due to various reasons and therefore each regional crisis headquarters depends on the situation at the regional level. With such a large difference, measures at the national level are not needed at this stage.” This was said by the Minister of Health Prof. Asena Serbezova on Nova TV.

She pointed out Sofia-city, Blagoevgrad, Pernik, Stara Zagora as problem areas. He reminded that the measures are taken at the district level.

“We have maximally reflected the desire of the Ministry of Education and Science to preserve face-to-face learning for young students. At present, the face-to-face learning process is preserved. The vacation announced by the Minister of Education Nikolay Denkov will “, explained the Minister of Health Prof. Serbezova.

She called for an increase in vaccination coverage. “It is clear that those who reach the intensive care units are in most cases not vaccinated,” he said.

According to her, it is logical to think in the direction of easing the measures by increasing the vaccination coverage. He reminded that 24 countries in the EU use the so-called green certificates for public facilities and 100% for travel.

At this stage, the antibody certificate will not be revoked, she added.

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