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Mastering Diablo 4: A Guide to Choosing the Strongest Career – Introduction to Game Features and the 5 Raider Classes

Diablo 4 Diablo 4 Raiders 5 Strongest Career Selection Experience Game Features Introduction|One of the masterpiece games in June “Diablo 4” Diablo 4 will be officially launched tomorrow, although players who pre-ordered the deluxe version have been crazy these days Speed ​​of advancement, but I believe that more people will start to join the normal version of the team starting tomorrow. The “Hong Kong 01” technology and plaything channel will organize the game’s 5 major occupations and feature introductions to facilitate new players to choose occupations.

Which career is the most powerful: all 5 are strong, but they may be precocious or late

“Diablo 4” Diablo 4 will have 5 professions when it is launched, namely barbarian, necromancer, magician, grand thief and druid, and you can freely choose male or female appearance. Players can create 10 characters in the same account. In other words, players can create male and female versions of each profession separately, or reserve some space for future new career launches.

Many players may be more concerned about the strength of their professions: In the game, each profession has more than one genre. If there is no limit to the genre, each profession has a strong genre choice. The city wash boss brush is stress-free. In the game, players can spend gold coins to redistribute skill points at any time. In other words, even if they spawn powerful equipment that does not match their current style, they can also “transbuild” points at any time; therefore, players don’t have to worry too much about professional strength, just choose what they like. career will do.

“Diablo 4” Diablo 4’s 5 occupations

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But if you must play a certain genre, it is not ruled out that there may be a situation where the genre is relatively weak, or there is not enough equipment/support to support it, and it is temporarily difficult to play. In addition, some professions/genres may be late-forming and need lv, equipment and other support to become stronger. These late-blooming genres may have a hard life in the early stages. If you want to play these genres, you must be mentally prepared.

Finally, I quote an old cliché among computer fans that “strength is momentary, and handsomeness is forever.” Today, there may be some super-powerful genres that are second to none, and they may be weakened to the bottom of the mud after the revision; therefore, it is best to choose a computer that suits you. Classes and gameplay for taste.

Five job introductions:

Barbarian – Early Vulnerability Late Invulnerability

The barbarian is a melee-specialized character, who uses multiple weapons to fight, and can use various weapons to use colorful melee attacks; in addition, he also has certain group-enhancing skills such as field control and battle cry. Traditionally, Diablo’s barbarians are super powerful characters in the later stage, and after they are formed, they have super performances in both PVE and PVP.

Diablo 4 Diablo 4 Barbarian

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However, barbarians are also the most difficult character to breed, and their strength is extremely dependent on equipment and glyphs; early barbarians without equipment and levels have low damage and defense, and must be close to attack. Enemies are often besieged, regardless of mobs It is more difficult to fight against elite enemies than other characters; it is likely to be dungeons or elite monsters that others can easily brush alone, while barbarians may be hard-working and twisted. Profession.

Therefore, from playing “Diablo 2” to now “Diablo 4”, it is not recommended to use barbarians to open up wasteland; but if you can survive the wasteland opening period, or you have already raised one character, then train the second one/have friends to practice with If so, Notsuto will definitely be a strong choice.

Necromancer – safe and easy to play

Necromancer is a very popular profession in the Diablo series, especially its professional characteristics of manipulating corpses and undead are very suitable for Diablo’s cult style. The skills of necromancers are basically related to corpses. Players can regenerate enemy corpses into skeletons for their own battles. In addition, they can also use attack spells such as bone spears and corpse explosions.

Diablo 4 Diablo 4 Necromancer

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One of the great advantages of the necromancer in “Diablo 4” is that it is easy to use. In addition to a variety of long-range attacks, the summoned skeletons can do the output or hatred. The minions can also help players attract hatred and use body physics Preventing the enemy from approaching greatly ensures the safety of the body. However, the disadvantage is that the overall output is slightly lower than other professions, and in the later stage, there may be a problem that the enemy is too strong and the minions summoned will be defeated quickly. Necromancer may not be the strongest profession in the later stage, but it is also highly recommended for land reclamation.

Sorcerer – Blizzard’s own child

Players who have played Blizzard games will know that mages are Blizzard’s own sons. In Blizzard’s various games and versions, mages will certainly not be weak if they are not the strongest in the environment; If anything is good, it is right to choose a mage.

Diablo 4 Diablo 4 Sorcerer

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Mages in Diablo 4 can use spells with three attributes: fire, ice, and lightning, and also have auxiliary skills such as shields and teleportation. All kinds of powerful spells can bomb the enemy from a long distance and in a large area. At the same time, the teleportation technique also provides excellent mobility: I believe that when you have played Diablo 2, you will remember the infinite teleportation of the mage, which is extremely convenient for running maps to collect treasures. In Diablo 4, although infinite teleportation is no longer possible due to changes in the mana system, the Mage’s mobility remains the same; it can be said that the Mage is an extremely powerful “humanoid self-propelled cannon”.

The weakness is that it is extremely dependent on mana. When the early equipment/skills are not enough and the amount of mana recovery cannot keep up, there will be a lot of empty windows, and mana recovery needs to be fought and run; and the defense ability is low, and if the elite monster touches it a few times, it will die Lose. But it still does not change its excellent land reclamation and comprehensive performance. It performs well regardless of the early, middle and late stages. If you don’t have a special preference, you can choose the mage.

Rogue – super high damage glass cannon

Rouge, also known as Rogge in Diablo 2, uses bows and double swords to fight, a profession with far and near abilities; skills mainly include various archery, double-knife attacks, and traps, etc., and also has tactical skills such as displacement and invisibility .

Diablo 4 Diablo 4 Rogue

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Rogue is characterized by extremely powerful firepower. Depending on the configuration, it can play the top output of the game whether it is a single or a group. It also has a variety of genres, such as range attacks, powerful piercing shots, shadow infusions, and death traps. The single player has continuous shooting and various single-to-one throat-cutting skills. When the skills and equipment are properly coordinated, Rogue can play the highest burst output in the whole profession; if you pursue extreme output, Rogue is your best choice.

The disadvantage of Rogue is that its survivability is very low. Although it has a small amount of continuous combat skills such as body protection and blood sucking, it is still an extremely fragile “glass cannon”, and it is easy to be killed in seconds from the middle of the game. Moreover, some genres (such as traps, etc.) also have requirements for the order in which skills are cast. Once a move is misplaced, it must wait for the CD to be released before it can be re-output. This makes Rogue have certain requirements for the player’s operation and familiarity with the enemy’s attack moves. But if the operation does not pose a problem, Rogue is a very strong choice from land reclamation to mid-to-late game.

druid – late bloomer

Druid is also a common old-fashioned profession in the Blizzard game series. It is characterized by the ability to use spells that can manipulate natural phenomena such as lightning and storms, or can transform into different animals such as bears and wolves to obtain different abilities. They can also call Make animal companions to fight together.

Currently, Druids in Diablo 4 belong to the weaker professions in the early stage. Although they have the advantage of high frankness and are not easy to die, their damage is lower than other professions. Druids may need to kill elite monsters that others can finish in 30 seconds. It takes a minute or two to kill. However, the druids formed in the later stage are one of the strongest existences in the game. Some developed genres such as “Smash Bear Druid” and “Storm Wolf Druid” have the highest strength in the game in the later stage. But the relationship is always slow to form. If you want to play Druid, you need to be mentally prepared for a long period of time in the early stage.

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