Mandatory vaccination for medics wants Kunchev (Obzor)

7,000 health workers fired in Greece for refusing a needle are closing clinics

Medical and social workers should be required to be vaccinated to reduce the risk of transmitting the coronavirus. Such a proposal was made by the Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev to the government. Already on the threshold of the new wave, he appealed for the measure.

“For me, some groups need to be immunized. These are the medical workers, as well as the people working in social institutions ”, Assoc. Prof. Kunchev is categorical. He stressed that, in his opinion, compulsory vaccination would not violate civil rights.

“What we will achieve is not to allow people to infect people because of their professional responsibilities. It has long been seen that in nursing homes, for example



staff contribute


and there were epidemic outbreaks, “Kunchev recalled. There were such cases in the home for elderly people with dementia in the Dobrich village of Opanets, in Sliven, in Burgas, Harmanli and in the Vidin region.

Last Wednesday, “There is such a people” was offered

in the Law on

health to be

write explicitly,

that vaccination

is voluntary

Thus, there was no way for a health minister to “panic or be pressured to vaccinate the entire population.” However, this proposal is unlikely to be considered, at least in this parliament, as it is due to be dissolved on Thursday.

Not a single country already requires mandatory immunization for health workers.

Italy has risen

the first



which introduced the measure, including for pharmacists. Medical personnel who refuse are not allowed to come into contact with people and will not receive a salary.

Greece has set a deadline for health workers to be vaccinated by September 1st. After that date, 7,000 were fired because they refused. “It’s better to lose my job than to get vaccinated. In the democratic world, different opinions are allowed “, the nurse Elizabeth Paliur explained to” Mega “TV. She claims that most of her former colleagues are

were vaccinated

with “leaning

to the chest


In addition to health workers in Greece, the military is also subject to compulsory vaccination. Employers have the right to require their employees up to two tests a week.

Exempted from the provisions of the legislation are those who have fallen ill in the last six months and people who have contraindications for vaccination.

To prevent staff shortages, the government in Athens has imposed a temporary ban on paid leave for medics in state hospitals. Restructuring of the health system has already begun to accommodate the reduced number of staff. Clinics are being closed, health workers are being reassigned, medical facilities and wards are being merged, and those that have been removed are being replaced with support staff. The final measure has been met with mass protests since July, which continue almost every weekend.

France has also introduced a mandatory needle for healthcare professionals caring for the elderly, as well as the general public who wish to attend a cultural event with more than 50 people.

However, when approving the law to fight the coronavirus, the country’s constitutional council defined as

illegally yes

are fired

workers because

refusal to


Therefore, those who refuse will not be released, but their salaries will be frozen. In the UK, everyone working in old people’s homes has been vaccinated since October. This requirement also applies to hairdressers and other service workers, as well as to volunteers in the public sector.

Newly enrolled medical students in the Austrian city of Innsbruck must be fully vaccinated. At the Medical University of Vienna, students are also required to do so.

Following reports of compulsory vaccinations in other countries, the German authorities have made it clear that they are in the exact opposite position. On July 14, Chancellor Angela Merkel stated unusually firmly: “We do not intend to follow the path of France. We have already said that there will be no compulsory vaccination. “

In the United States, medics, the military, and government officials are also required to vaccinate, a majority they already have.



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