Police investigate threatening situation resulting in hospitalization in Modum municipality

The Special Unit for Police Affairs is investigating the case, this is confirmed by head of prosecution investigations Kari-Anne Hille Valla.

– We will provide more information in this case at 2pm on Saturday afternoon.

One person was taken to hospital after the incident on the night of Saturday, but the injuries are not life-threatening, according to the operations center in the South-East police district. .

Refers to the Special Unit

NRK has been in contact with Øyvind Aas, who is the head of the police in Buskerud, but he refers to the Bureau. And that he cannot speak. Nor about the reason why the police responded to what was described on Twitter as a threatening situation.

– This is what happens when the SE (special unit) is connected, he writes in a text message to NRK.

The tweet about the threat situation

It was the night of Saturday when the police went to Åmot in Modum municipality after a report of a threatening situation around 00:44.

On the arrival of the patrol, the crew was attacked with a dangerous object, the Sør-East police district says on Twitter.

The police fired shots, and one person has been taken to hospital for follow-up.

According to the police, the person should not be life-threateningly injured.

The police do not want to give any further information about the case, operations manager Øyvind Hammervold in the South-East police district told NRK early on Saturday morning.

The police operations manager tells NTB that it is not the police who are injured.

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2023-06-03 07:17:24

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