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On Saturday, representatives of Kensington Palace published a picture of natural scientist David Athenboro with the Duke of Cambridge and their three children. During the visit, the scientist presented Prince George with a very old shark tooth.

PHOTO: EPA / Scanpix

The artifact was found in Athens in the 1960s when you rest with your family in Malta. The shark’s tooth was found in a piece of limestone that existed in the Miocene period about 23 million years ago. The tooth belonged to a giant shark with the scientific name “Carcharocles megalodon” or “Great Tooth”.

Maltese scientists want the tooth restored because the artifact is considered the country’s natural heritage. National law states that fossils are considered cultural heritage. “We pay a lot of attention to historical and artistic artifacts, but we forget about nature. I want to change this attitude,” said Maltese Minister of Culture Jose Herrera in an interview with the Times of Malta.

Attenboro visited Kensington Palace to watch his new film, Life on Our Planet. A couple of Dukes of Cambridge are working with Atenboro on a project to preserve natural values.

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