Lucie is banned from doctors! Bohuš Matuš talks about big trouble

At first it didn’t seem like such a problem, but as soon as there was a lot of pain, it was clear that it was wrong! Lucy Matušová (18) described the dramatic moments that led to the operating room. “I said I had an umbilical hernia right after giving birth, I just couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t really discovered until it started to hurt. The doctors told me I caught it at the right time. If I came later, it could be a big mess, “Lucie confided to

After the operation, she did not only face great physical pain, but also mental pain. As a mother, she missed her six-month-old daughter Natálka. “It simply came to our notice then. The first day after the operation it was terrible, the second also, but then it was fine. I mainly missed Natálka. I’m very sorry that I can’t take her in my arms now, but otherwise nothing hurts anymore, “says Matušová, who left Natálka to her grandmother during her recovery. “We went to see her quite often, but most importantly, babies love their grandmothers terribly, so she was satisfied. She always says grandma, only my father here and there, “said Bohuš Matuš (47) with a smile.

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And what are the consequences of this terrible health collapse? With the second baby, the new couple will have to wait a while. “There is no danger of another pregnancy now. Lucinka now has to wait a long time for everything to heal after the operation. The doctors told her she hadn’t been pregnant for about a year now. It would be a big misfortune, “added the singer.

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