Look .. A rider pushes his colleague from his horse during a horse race in France • Newspaper Al Marsad

Exclusive translation: A video clip documented Belgian jockey Christophe Sommillon pushing his competitor, Rosa Ryan, off a horse and knocking him over in the middle of a horse racing circuit in France.

Christophe Sommillon paid the final penalty for his egregious behavior in St Cloud last week when fellow jockey Rosa Ryan was expelled from his trip with the Belgian after his contract with the Aga Khan expired. According to the Daily Mail.

A statement released by the Aga Khan Stud reads: “After the accident last Friday in Saint-Cloud, which caused the fall of Rosa Ryan, the Aga Khan Stud made the decision to stop the stop with the jockey. Christophe Sommillon with immediate effect.

From this week on, Sumilon can still occasionally ride Aga Khan silk at the discretion of French trainers and the Aga Khan stallion team.

His participation in Longchamp last weekend caused a great deal of controversy within the sport, with the French Federation confirming that they did not want Soumillon to be part of the Paris event.

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