Juventus criticized for releasing Kulusevski: “Allegri’s biggest defeat”

Angel Di Maria will leave PSG this summer. The club announced this before the last match of the season and the Argentine then received a thank you after the final signal. He is now said to be close to a move to Juventus, which needs a new outside. The negotiations are said to be far advanced.

In connection with the rumors, the club receives criticism from Gazetta dello Sports editor-in-chief Stefano Agresti. This is due to the loan of Dejan Kulusevski, who since leaving the club has impressed a lot in the Premier League.

Agresti describes the situation with Kulusevski at Juventus as “Allegri’s biggest defeat”. This is when the Swede became a key player in Tottenham in the spring, after barely being allowed to play under Juve coach Max Allegri.

The coach is criticized for not getting the best out of the Swede and to instead now replace him with a 34-year-old.

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