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Lebanon Braces for Snow Storm ‘Daniella’: Meteorological Page Announces First Snowfall of the Year

The Meteorological Page in Lebanon announced on Facebook that Lebanon is facing the snow storm “Daniella”, the first this year, and the snow will reach a height of 700 meters early next week, with a frost wave after the storm.

The page added: The snowstorm, “Daniella,” will begin on Friday, January 26, and continue until next week

According to the page, after January 26, polar air masses will enter and intensify, and their impact on Lebanon will become stronger as temperatures drop more and more. We will enter the height of the snowy polar winter, and during the period between January 26 and February 17, Lebanon is on a date with several polar depressions.

She continued: “We will witness the first snow storm of the year and very strong frost waves from the period extending between January 26 and February 17, and it will be a very cold period for Lebanon and the region with extremely cold and icy winter weather.”

The Estimates Department at the Meteorological Service in the General Directorate of Civil Aviation indicated that a depression accompanied by cold air masses currently stationed in southwestern Turkey is gradually approaching and leading to heavy rainy weather at times, with the occurrence of thunderstorms, active winds, a drop in temperatures, and snow on the highlands until Thursday afternoon, when its impact eases.

It is expected that Lebanon will be exposed, starting at dawn on Friday, to another air depression originating from the Black Sea, which the Meteorological Service has named “Daniella”, accompanied by colder polar winds, as temperatures drop further and significantly, leading to a decrease in the level of snowfall at the end of the week to touch. The 1000 meters is on Sunday.

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