Legislative. Christian Jacob, the boss of LR, says he is “optimistic”

Christian Jacob said this Monday, May 23, 2022 ” optimistic “ for the June legislative elections, which according to him should mark a “rebound in favor of the Republicans” after the presidential debacle.

“I who am on the ground, I feel that there can be a rebound in favor of the Republicans, our candidates meet with real support in the territories”he assured in an interview at Point .

“Our candidates are established, that’s why I’m optimistic”

“The legislative elections are 577 territories of France who choose their representatives”or “our candidates are established, that’s why I’m optimistic”he added, while the future of LR darkened after the disastrous score (4.8%) of Valérie Pécresse in the presidential election.

On the other hand, “I am not sure that our opponents have an interest in claiming too much of Emmanuel Macron”, added Christian Jacob. The Republicans today represent the main opposition group in the National Assembly with around a hundred deputies.

Christian Jacob will soon leave the head of LR

While he must hand over after the legislative elections at the head of LRChristian Jacob estimated that the president of the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region Laurent Wauquiez “is one of those who have all the qualities” to lead his political family.

Finally questioned about the new government, Christian Jacob estimated that Education Minister Pap Ndiaye had to “to explain himself clearly as soon as possible, in particular on his remarks on the existence of police violence in France and on his conception of the Republic”.

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