Kate Middleton, the looks of 10 years ago that she still wears

After 10 years of marriage and three children, Kate Middleton he still wears the same clothes he wore at the beginning of his royal career. Its secret? A diet without pasta and potatoes that allows her to brush up on the look she wore even before her pregnancies. Let’s see them together.

Many of Kate Middleton’s favorite looks date back to before the birth of her three children, George in 2013, Charlotte in 2015 and Louis in 2018. The Duchess re-proposes dresses and jackets that date back as much as 10 years ago, showing that she has kept her enviable line .

Kate Middleton, the green coat from 7 years ago

Recently, while visiting Kew Gardens, Kate Middleton recycled his green coat of Erdem, from 2 thousand euros, with which he made his debut in 2014 during the tour in New Zealand. William then criticized his wife’s outfit, brandishing it as too lively. But the Duchess did not take into account her husband’s opinion, taking advantage of the overcoat in 2016 and 2021. And with success.

Kate Middleton, i tailleur del 2012

Burgundy suit

You can buy a version similar to Kate Middleton’s suit online

Another workhorse of Kate’s wardrobe is the red suit by Luisa Spagnoli with black belt at the waist (around 586 euros). She wore it for the first time when she was only 29, for her second public engagement with William. The Dukes visit their university, St. Andrew, where they met each other. Lady Middleton opts for the scarlet jacket and skirt suit which she then reuses in 2014, one year after George’s birth, and in 2017 when she is also Charlotte’s mother. Flawless on all three occasions.

Another suit much loved by Kate is the burgundy one, signed Paule Ka, which he wore on various occasions. It is a short double-breasted jacket and a bell-shaped miniskirt that she always wore with heavy black tights. Lady Middleton wears it for the first time in 2012 to propose it again after six years and two children in 2018.

Kate Middleton, the white coat of 2008

White coat

You can buy a low cost version of Kate Middleton’s coat online

In March 2020 Kate amazes everyone by recycling during her visit to Dublin Reiss’s white coat which she first wore in 2008, when she wasn’t even married to William. The double-breasted coat fits perfectly and closes perfectly.

In 2012 the Duchess showed up at St Andrew’s School, Berkshire, with a green and blue plaid coat which she then re-proposes seven years later without having to make any changes.

Kate Middleton, the recycled evening dresses

But Kate doesn’t just recycle coats and suits, there are also princely evening dresses on the list. Like the teal one signed Jenny Packham with which he made his debut in 2012 at the Olympic Concert, to propose it again in 2018 at the Tusk Conservation awards gala.

Instead in 2020 the Duchess of Cambridge enchants the Bafta with a white and gold dress, signed Alexander McQueen. Those with a good memory, however, will remember that Kate wore this look for the first time in 2012 during the tour in Malaysia.

Kate Middleton’s diet

How does Kate keep her enviable figure? According to rumors emerging from Kensington Palace, William’s wife favors a lean protein diet, vegetables and healthy fats, giving up the carbohydrates of pasta and potatoes. For breakfast, do not miss to drink a smoothie of kale, spirulina, matcha, spinach, romaine lettuce, coriander leaves and blueberries, as well as a bowl of oats.

For a snack eat goji berries and avoid meat for lunch. She is very fond of raw dishes and salads and seems to be fond of sushi.



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