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Massimiliano Ossini displaces everyone, to Uno Mattina he reveals an anecdote from his past that no one knew: these are his words.

One of the protagonists of the small screen continues to be the conductor of Uno Mattina Estate who with Maria Soave will keep company with all the Rai Uno viewers, yet in the last episode he told a detail linked to his past that perhaps no one knew and that he left really all blown away. It is in fact something that in a certain sense has allowed him to achieve the success he has today.


It all happened in the episode of June 21st in which the conductors had some representatives of the Arma in the studio on the occasion of the 248th anniversary of his birth.

And so far nothing strange, but let’s get to the heart of the matter, the conductor in fact has a very special memory linked to the category in question.

Massimiliano Ossini: “On television thanks to the Guardia di Finanza”

Massimiliano Ossini this time it really stunned everyone but not for the story of the wife’s illness but for a detail linked to his past and also to the world of entertainment where he has now been a permanent presence for many years.

“I work on television thanks to the Guardia di Finanza. It was 2000, I was at Termini Station in Rome because I had to go to audition for a children’s program. A dog from the Guardia di Finanza jumped on me so they had to check me “ he told live on Rai Uno and again: “Obviously I had nothing, but what happened I was late to the audition, where I told the episode, they liked me … and they caught me! “. A truly surprising detail that linked to the handler who did not even hide that he had been afraid of dogs for a long time in the past, but of having successfully managed to overcome it so much that he is very calm today when I meet one.

In any case, an anecdote that no one could ever have expected and in a certain sense the young man will never be able to stop thanking the whole category, who knows how that audition would have ended without that little unexpected event that certainly changed his life. forever.

That said, his success continues to flourish and who knows what awaits him for the future after the long hot summer in his company, certainly his audience can’t wait to find out.

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