Karoline Herfurth’s new film with Emila Schüle

December 19, 2020 10:37 pm

“Wunderschön” – a film close to life, honest and hopeful. After “SMS für Dich” and “Sweethearts”, the author, director and leading actress Karoline Herfurth proves once again that she can win the hearts of the audience both in front of and behind the camera.

Her strong ensemble includes new discovery Dilara Aylin Ziem Emilia Schüle (“High Society”, “Hello Again – A Day Forever”), Nora Tschirner (“Embrace – You are beautiful”) and Martina Gedeck (“I’m gone” , “The wall”).

Together with Karoline Herfurth (“The perfect secret”, “SMS for you”), you put being a woman to the test. In the no less important male roles are Friedrich Mücke (“SMS für Dich”, “Ballon”), Maximilian Brückner (“The Most Beautiful Couple”) and Joachim Krol (“Berlin Alexanderplatz”) in front of Daniel Gottschalk’s camera (“Sweethearts”, “Four against the bank”).

Planned cinema release: 2021

Warner Bros.

This is what “Wunderschön” is all about

Almost all of us know to emulate an ideal. Mothers, daughters, men, old and young are constantly obsessed with optimization. “Wunderschön” tells their stories: there is Frauke (Martina Gedeck), who “shortly before 60” no longer finds herself desirable, while her retired husband Wolfi (Joachim Krol) does not know what to do without a job. Her daughter Julie (Emilia Schüle) finally wants to make her breakthrough as a model and doggedly tries to press her body into the industry’s ideal of beauty.

This in turn pursues student Leyla (Dilara Aylin Ziem), who is convinced that she can lead a better life with Julie’s appearance and who cannot relate to herself.

Julie’s sister-in-law Sonja (Karoline Herfurth) also struggles with her body, which after two pregnancies becomes the expression of a life crisis. Her husband Milan (Friedrich Mücke) does not have an eye on the pressure she puts on as a young mother.

Again, this is not a big surprise for Sonja’s best friend Vicky (Nora Tschirner), as she is convinced that women and men will never and never find each other on an equal footing, at least not in love. Her new colleague Franz (Maximilian Brückner) would like to convince her otherwise.

Warner Bros.

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