Journal – deutsche journalisten dienste takes over the publishing house from Graberg & Görg

djd managing director Enno Müller.

The German journalisten dienste GmbH & Co. KG (djd), Würzburg, a content marketing service provider, has bought the publishing house from Graberg & Görg GmbH, Hattersheim. The “von Graberg & Görg” brand with its customer and partner network will be continued. The publisher comes from the classic print advertorial business (Materndienst) and is one of the big players there. According to its own statements, djd is one of the leading providers in the field of the distribution of PR articles in public print media and has over 30 years of experience in consumer PR and content marketing.

djd implements over 1,000 content marketing campaigns annually for its around 600 customers and, according to the information from the press release, achieves an annual (print) circulation of five billion: This corresponds to an average reach 365 days a year from 500,000 per hour.

Graberg & Görg comes from the classic print advertorial business (Materndienst) and is an important contact for customers from the consumer goods industry, the pharmaceutical industry as well as associations and institutions. “Both business fields, earned media (djd) and paid media (Graberg & Görg), complement each other ideally, so that we can now cover the market even better with the purchase of Graberg & Görg,” says Enno Müller, Managing Director of the djd Group. convinced.

There are also interesting prospects for the rapidly growing online business: “In recent years, Graberg & Görg has built up a service portfolio that fits perfectly with our cross-media strategy,” said Müller. So far, djd has offered both standardized and individually compiled media packages from general and special interest websites in the online area. This allows customers to distribute their B2C content with a total reach of up to 100 million visits / month on the Internet. With the help of the Graberg & Görg cooperation network, even more efficient offers should now be possible.

Graberg & Görg GmbH, which was founded in 1932, will remain as a separate company even after the takeover. “Graberg & Görg can look back on almost 90 years of history and has an excellent reputation with its customers,” says Graberg & Görg managing director Harwig Kurz, who is withdrawing from the operational business after the takeover, but continues to advise the company . “I am pleased that this traditional brand will be retained and developed as an independent company.”

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