Is it healthy to consume orange juice?

Lose your fear of consuming a glass of orange juice daily, know the wonders it will do for your health

In the last years many have been unleashed contradictions about the consumption of natural juices, the current trend of Healthy life relate juices as sweet drinkswith high sugar levels And if this information is true, Specialist in nutrition declare that a cup of orange juice contains about 21 grams of sugar; if we rely on the dietary plan created by Weight Watchers, drinking a cup of orange juice is the equivalent of eat a small bowl of pasta or Two chocolate cookies.

In the specific case of Orange juice there are many myths and realities about they health benefits. Not in vain our mothers daily they left us a small glass of juice of orange as an indispensable part of a Good breakfast The reason? It will prevent you from getting sick. If you have avoided drink orange juice and what you limit to special occasions, surely you will find interesting what the specialists about. Specialists on the subject as is the case with Bonnie Taub-Dix, author of the book Read It Before You Eat It and creator of, declares that it will always be a healthier habit consume the whole fruitsensory and nutritionally It is much better. However one of the big health problems in today’s society, especially in the U.S is in the low fruit consumption Y vegetables; so the Orange juice It represents a healthy option that will provide many vitamins and minerals that the body needs so indispensable.

The health benefits of orange juice:

1. You will get the recommended dose of vitamin C

With the simple act of drinking a small glass (approximately 6 ounces) from natural and freshly squeezed orange juice, you will be getting a little more than the recommended daily dose for women and men from vitamin C. This glass of juice provides 93 mg of vitamin C, Naps pregnant or nursing consume a big glass. It’s hard to find these levels of vitamin C In other foods, the closest ones are: grapefruit, kiwi, green and red peppers. Among the main benefits of vitamin C for health it stands out for being its benefits for strengthen the immune system, so you will have a great protective barrier against flu and colds. It is also key to the cicatrization Y heal wounds faster, at the same time studies show that your great antioxidant power It is a good ally to prevent or delay certain types of cancer Y cardiovascular diseases. Last but not least the vitamin C is the best ally for absorb correctly the iron in theangre.

2. It is one of the best sources of folic acid

The specialists they point out the importance of folic acid for the women’s health, the recommendation is to consume at least 400 mcg folic acid which with the correct diet can be obtained through food or it can be taken as supplement. At the same time it is a key substance to maintain healthy blood and promote the growth of Red blood cells. A cup of Orange juice meets the 15% of the daily dose recommended from folic acid.

3. Provides many additional vitamins and minerals

We know that the vitamin C is the protagonist of Orange juice, however it is a drink that is characterized by its high in vitamin A, B vitamins, potassium and magnesium East nutrient combo it is essential to improve the general functioning of the body and increases the physical and mental performance This wealth in vitamins and minerals improves the assimilation of other nutrients and helps reduce states of fatigue and tiredness. Its high content in potassium positively influences for regulate hypertension and contributes to functioning normal of muscles

4. Reduces the risk of kidney stones

According to a recent study daily consumption of orange juice he is a good friend of the kidney health, its high content in a substance called potassium citrate, joins the calcium It contains urine and is a great ally for avoid calculus formation renales. It is proven that this eating habit reduced by 12% the risk of the appearance of painful stones


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