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“Icing on the Cake” TV Show Recap: Viktoria Zaikova Shines as Host & Top Chefs Compete

The host of “Icing on the Cake” tonight was the finalist from season 4 of “Hell’s Kitchen”, whose smile is always XL – Viktoria Zaikova.

The other participants were also top chefs: Mariela Chobanova, Asen Madzharov, Roxana and Emmanuel Iujji.

The pride of Pomorie – Vicky Zaikova, welcomed her guests with an attractive menu, which included a salad with goat cheese, roasted walnuts and dried figs with a special dressing, cold “Graheno Cappuccino” soup, full quail with saffron sauce and orange cheesecake with chocolate.

The group had a lot of fun with Zaikova Photo: Nova TV stop shot

Chef Manchev did not fail to “peck” Vicky with the fact that she uses bacon and does not tie her hair while cooking.

“If you do that, you won’t get anywhere,” he told Zaikova.

Master chef Manchev criticized his colleague and that she didn’t manage the cheesecake, and the one from the previous evening in Assen, became more successful.

“Oh, I hope Roxy likes my edible flowers, I really hope so, because they are beautiful,” Zaikova thought aloud while making the salad.

In the previous episode, folk singer Roxana expressed her reluctance to taste more “juicy flowers” from her colleagues’ menus.

“I will not eat flowers for the rest of my life,” vowed Roxana, not knowing that “delicious violets” were again on the menu.

“You’re still disorganized in the kitchen, but you’re on fire, Vicky, if you’re like that in bed, it would be great,” Asen Madzharov commented on Zaikova’s efforts to make her table look tidy.

“I’m operated on by shame and you can’t bother me with anything,” Vicky replied with a smile to her colleagues, then told them what it’s like to be photographed as a model in larger-sized clothes.

“I wouldn’t take a picture of myself naked, no matter how much money they offered me, because of my son. I don’t want them to make fun of him, because of me,” shared the cook.

All the while, Asen wooed Vicky, with his most provocative question being, “How’s your love life, single and 50 kilos off?”

“Oh, you’re a little old to me to be honest, but I have a good love life. I’m separated from my husband, after 13 years of marriage, I have freedom and I don’t suffer from lack of attention. The child is with him. The man did not support me in what I do and that’s why we broke up,” Zaikova explained to everyone.

Asen was not only dissatisfied with the answer, but also with the dessert. But while he was grunting, Vicky’s surprise for the evening came through the door – Maria Boycheva, “Ladies Bulgaria 2022”. She was introduced as Zaikova’s friend. The beauty gave detox to the whole group and quickly left.

“Wow, where is the mouse, where did this chick run away,” Madzharov, the bachelor, was angry. There was no answer, because at that moment the last joy of the evening entered – bagpipers who played Bulgarian folklore.

Everyone in the company gave Victoria’s skills a 10, except Asen, who rated her a 9.

By the end of the week, we will see how more graduates of Chef Angelov from “Hell’s Kitchen” will be pitted against each other.

Yesterday, the bachelor from Berkovitsa, Asen Madzharov, who participated in the form with his mother, was the first to stand before the watchful eye of Chief Manchev. The wizened lad from the Northwest welcomed the company with some pretty tasty food, but overdone the spices. That’s why Ivan Manchev jokingly called him “Asen Dill” and scolded him for using too many spices in his food after overdoing it with rosemary and thyme.

On Wednesday, it’s time for a birthday with the extraordinary party of Mariela Chobanova, a participant in season 4 of “Hell’s Kitchen”. The owner of a sushi restaurant in Varna will trust the Asian cuisine. Dessert will be expectedly a cake, but with a secret ingredient. In the friendly atmosphere, Asen and Victoria will continue to shorten the distance more and more.

The tension will reach its peak on Thursday when the athletic chef Emmanuel Iugi welcomes his guests to his restaurant. The star-studded contestant on season five of Hell’s Kitchen will serve up plates of healthy variations on everyone’s favorite dishes. Its menu includes calorie-free pizza and sugar-free whole wheat eclairs. The bodybuilding champion, for whom balanced nutrition is a way of life, will meet serious resistance among the ladies of season 4. Sparks will fly on the table, and the fight for the plaque will be relentless.

Popfolk fury Roxanne brings a fun end to the week at Friday’s Cherry on the Cake. The winner of the “Queen of the Roma of the World” crown will present a traditional Bulgarian menu inspired by Northwestern Bulgaria. Roxana will reveal the story of meeting her husband, and her brother will greet the guests with an original song. The hostess will heat things up, but will the napkins and dancing bring high marks?

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