How the time you exercise is key to lose weight


Find time to do Exercise is often not easy. Our modern life is full of obligations and sometimes we are not able to take an hour to practice sports and slim down, if that is our intention. Research suggests that if you really want to get the most out of exercise, you must do it at the same time every day: your body will thank you.

A team of researchers from the Brown Alpert School of Medicine in the United States has shown that it does not matter too much if you are one of those who run at sunrise or do it late in the afternoon: consistency is the key if it is weight loss what you are looking for.

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If you are not sure if you should get up earlier or go to bed later, we will help you solve your doubts

Using the results of a survey on the physical activity of 375 people who wanted to lose weight, the researchers identified a strong relationship between exercise intensity at the same time of day and the amount of time spent on it. Approximately half of the respondents were people who played sports in the morning, before starting daily tasks. This preference for regularity could be due to the way in which we structure our daily thinking.

Automate exercise

Activities that we hope to do at set times, like picking up kids, going to work, or attending social gatherings, are not things to which we give a great deal of conscious thought. This unconscious repetition it is known as automaticity in psychology circles and it has already been shown that is important when it comes to sticking to an exercise routine.

“Exercise in the presence of consistent cues, such as the same time of day or the same location, can help establish benchmark exercise relationships.”

To the actively consider how we could move forward on a brisk walk or treadmill session, the more likely let’s reduce the minutes of activity instead of committing to exercise. The secret is therefore associate exercise with some pre-existing mental “signal”, a date you can’t avoid, reducing the effort required if you had to plan that activity and the subsequent motivation to carry it out.

“Exercise in the presence of consistent cues, such as lat the same time of day or the same placeit can help establish benchmark exercise relationships, “the researchers write in statements collected by Science Alert. The researchers acknowledge that more research is needed, adding that” it would also be important to determine if there is a specific time of day that is more advantageous for people who have starting levels of low physical activity in order to develop a habit. “

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