The Murcian Health Service has created the first unit of therapeutic physical exercise for cancer patients in Santa Lucia Hospital. The new unit provides cancer patients with an opportunity to perform safe exercises that are adapted to their specific medical situation and physical condition. The gym has specific cardio machines for cardiovascular exercise and aerobic training, an elliptical bike, cycle ergometers and a rowing device as well as other equipment to work on functional exercises. The new service is for adult patients with cancer diagnosis or treatment, and it will be offered from Monday to Friday in the afternoon.

Los benefits of physical exercise for cancer patients they are more than proven, since it reduces the symptoms and reduces the side effects that the treatment may have. For this reason, the Ministry of Health, through the Murcian Health Service (SMS), has taken a step forward to create the first unit of therapeutic physical exercise […]

If the spine is “inflamed”, what do you need to pay attention to in life? | Spine | Inflammation | Psychological adjustment | Physical exercise |

[Voice of Hope February 12, 2023](Editor: Li Wenhan) The spine can also be inflamed, isn’t it? When everyone mentions spondylitis, they immediately think of ankylosing spondylitis. Does an inflammation of the spine mean ankylosing spondylitis? In fact, the joints of the spine, vertebral endplates and vertebral bone may all be inflamed. Clinically, there are rheumatoid […]

Yoga reduces cardiovascular risks – 25/12/2022 – Balance

A clinical study conducted on 60 hypertensive patients has shown that the yoga it can be an effective ally for those with cardiovascular problems. Research Canadian compared two groups of volunteers and found a significant improvement in resting heart rate and blood pressure in those who did yoga instead of stretching before the others Exercises. […]

Variables associated with exercise in breast cancer survivors

Spanish Female breast cancer survivors (MSCM) can suffer from numerous side effects and sequelae, for this reason regular exercise (PE) is recommended, as a strategy that has proven useful in mitigating the negative physical and psychological symptoms caused about cancer and its treatments. Objective: To know if the variables of: anxiety symptoms, depressive symptoms, coping […]

“Exercise must be in the therapeutic arsenal of cancer”

The cancer and the second cause of death in the world and it is estimated that in 2040 it will affect 37 million patients. The scientific evidence describing the benefits of exercise in the treatment of this disease, and vice versa, risks of inactivity or a sedentary lifestyledates back to the end of the last […]

5 exercises against cellulite to do at home

The cellulite it is a problem that affects everyone a bit and getting rid of it seems like an impossible undertaking. In reality, with constancy and commitment it can be eliminated, just practice the right exercises. We asked five practices to be carried out at home by Alessandra Allegretta e Tommaso Pivetti, therapists of Atphysiotherapy […]

Exercise reduces inflammation and counteracts tissue decline

AGI – Chronic inflammation that causes tissue wasting can be almost completely prevented by physical activity. This is what emerges from a study, published in the journal Science Advances, conducted by Duke University experts, who examined the effect of exercise on human muscles grown in the laboratory. “Inflammation occurs when the immune system reacts to […]