how the fast-fashion brand established itself as an e-commerce giant

The topic of the day. Created in 2008, the Shein group has gradually established itself as one of the global leaders in fast-fashion. From most viewed website in the world the most downloaded application in the United States ahead of Amazon, nothing seems to destabilize the Chinese brand. Thanks to a communication strategy infallible and at unbeatable prices, it remains essential, especially among young girls. However, behind the attractiveness of this company, many controversies weigh on it. Indeed, many denounce the working and manufacturing conditions extremes of this e-commerce giant, but also his environmental impact disastrous.

Why are we talking about it ? What is the principle of the brand? What are his limits ? Under what conditions are all these products made? What is the quality of the clothes offered?

Analyse. “There are new products constantly arriving on the site and which add to the amplitude of the offer, which is already gigantic and which we have never seen before. To give you an idea, Zara is 15,000 references, which is already huge. 500.000″, Explain Julia Faure, co-founder of the French brand Loom and involved in the movement In climate mode.

“There are no more collections, it’s a continuous flow. In influence, they are exactly in the same logic of continuous flow. That is to say that they appeal to influencers and content producers, of all types of audience. Ultimately, it never stops. Users are encouraged to produce content and incentivized to do what they call “try on haul.” That is to say that you order a maximum of products and you try them all. Afterwards, we imagine that, perhaps, you will send them back, which customers do very little, and that is what the brand capitalizes on, “adds Lisa Wyler, director of the eponymous communication agency.

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