Horse accident rekindles controversial Central Park carriages

Demands are resurfacing so that horse carriages stop circulating through the streets of the city.

This in view of another incident with an equine that was injured in Central Park.

The incident occurred on Thursday at 55th Street and Eighth Avenue, with a horse named Chief.

NYC Carriages issued a statement indicating that a piece of the mechanism required in these carriages touched the horse’s hind leg. The animal ran out of control and ran to a parked car, then collapsed.

The animal was taken back to its stable and treated by a veterinarian for scratches and a cut, which required several stitches.

The group assures that he is now resting calmly and is expected to make a full recovery.

For years, animal rights activists have been fighting to get carriages banned from city streets, claiming that animals are unnecessarily exploited.

A NYC Carriages spokesperson assures that equines spend 95% of their time in Central Park, without the presence of vehicles.



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