Horoscope for Friday November 25: grit your teeth, you can do anything

Retrograde Jupiter is advancing again from today, so it’s time to put your creative ideas to work. If nothing goes according to plan, don’t put your head down. Grit your teeth!

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Nothing goes according to your plan? Don’t bow your head. And don’t even try to blame others. Grit your teeth and accept the fact that you too can be wrong. Don’t regret your failures and rather learn from them. We are only human and none of us are perfect.


After today’s experience, you will realize that the best things in life didn’t actually cost you any money, and that the most precious thing we all have is time. However, the problem will be convincing some of your family members.


A rather unwanted visitor will arrive today. And with Christmas just around the corner, you’re weighing whether or not to try to tune your hospitality to the highest possible level and surpass yourself. Feel free to invite the least friendly neighbor and she will.


Today you will return to your childhood when you come to a long-arranged meeting among the latter and reproaches for your delay fall on your head. It almost seems to you that they should have asked you only for a student book for a teacher’s ticket.

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It’s ideal to only argue at home, because as soon as you say it publicly, at least half of the people around you will start slandering you. While it won’t get you off the couch, you won’t be able to fully focus on other things.


Legends are told and songs about friendship are sung. However, today will be more of a swan song for you, as one of your friends is going to really let you down. He tries to forgive him for his lack of loyalty, he meant you no harm. And forgiveness will bring you more.

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The discussion is about to drop. However, before you realize what the poet meant by a certain sentence, the person in question will already be over the mountains and you can only curse at his address from afar. Which is handy because it would be tactical “suicide” if you had any skirmishes with him.


You will understand someone’s jabbing correctly and it won’t just add to your mood twice. However, you have what it takes to deal with the given situation and you don’t have to listen to suggestions from your colleagues or acquaintances. All you have to do is take action and jump into action right away.

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It’s time to express your creative ideas at work. And many people expect you to make an effort in this area. Retrograde Jupiter is advancing again from today, so this is a great time to get things straight. Good luck!


The long autumn evenings will be upon you. Also, there will be many of you at home and you can try to tell stories like in the good old days. You will be good because a good storyteller is someone who has a great memory and hopes that others don’t.


Your position on a burning issue will prove to be the right one, even if everything is stuck in a dead end, you will be clamoring for all things to be resolved. Today you really feel what needs to be done and you will do it right.

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No matter how you prepared to meet your partner or partner, be happy that some of the things you were worried about aren’t as hot as they seem. Above all, don’t forget that some words of comfort are just phrases that can’t always bring peace.


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