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High Speed Race Ends in Tragic Accident on A43 Highway

The trip between friends degenerated this Monday morning.

After New Year’s Eve, the group was traveling on the A43 in two different cars.

And for probably a very stupid reason, the drivers decided to race and compete for entry to a Saint-Quentin-Fallavier toll lane.

Arriving at full speed, the man who was driving a Citroën C4 with several passengers on board tore off the barrier and hit a low wall before rolling over several times.

According to the Dauphiné Libéré, the occupants of the accident vehicle, despite their injuries, were recovered by the other car. But they took care to abandon the driver, as punishment for causing the accident.

The latter, unharmed, was recovered by the Verpillière gendarmes. The analyzes carried out on him came back negative, he was also in good standing, with only a technical inspection fault.

An investigation has been opened, the other protagonists of this game which could have turned into a tragedy are actively being sought.


2024-01-03 22:28:17
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