Gunman shoots at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado, 5 people killed


At least five people have died in a shooting at a nightclub LGBTQ Colorado United States of America (USA). Dozens of other people were injured in the crash.

According to reports from AFP, the identified suspect is Anderson Lee Aldrich. Police say that, in addition to the five dead, there were eighteen injured just before midnight. The wounded would be in critical condition.

The Colorado Springs suspect entered Club Q and immediately began shooting at those inside, Police Chief Adrian Vasquez said at a news conference Sunday. Police said the suspect was stopped by two “heroic” people inside the club.

He added: “At least two heroic people within the club have confronted and fought with the suspect and have been able to stop the suspect from continuing to kill and harm others.”

Joshua Thurman of Colorado Springs was at the club at the time, testifying about the circumstances surrounding the crash.

“This is very scary,” Minggu told reporters.

“There were bodies on the floor. There were broken glass, broken cups, people crying.” he said.

“That should be our safe place…Where should we go?” he said.

US President Joe Biden issued a statement condemning the attack. Although he noted that his motivations were unclear, he did speak out against violence against the LGBTQ community, especially transgender women of color.

“We must eliminate the injustices that contribute to violence against LGBTQI+ people. We cannot and must not tolerate hate,” she said.

The shooting is the latest in a long history of attacks on LGBTQ venues in the United States, the deadliest claiming the lives of 49 people at an Orlando, Florida nightclub in 2016.


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