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Grégory Doucet and thirty elected officials ready to be paid in gonette

It is done.

The City of Lyon has officially joined the association managing the gonette, this local currency which is so popular. This Thursday, elected officials voted in city council. And the opposition asked several questions before this membership of 10,000 euros, or 0.02 euros per inhabitant of Lyon, which should make it possible to extend the Gonette network and “make it more and more easy to use”, be adopted.

Ludovic Hernandez and Béatrice de Montille have thus fired red balls on what they consider to be “a double penalty for the Lyonnais” who pay for membership twice, including one with their taxes. “Magnificent utopia”, “completely ideological fight “, “dividing currency” for the elected LR of the 3rd arrondissement, who demanded from the ecological majority the precise number of elected officials having accepted as promised to receive their allowances, fully or in part, in gonette.

It was Camille Augey, deputy in charge of the sustainable economy, who answered. She first declared laughing yellow at the words of Ludovic Hernandez “when you point out the lack of transparency of the Gonette and the ethical character of the euro when we know that the Gonette is managed democratically, while the classic currencies allow companies and large fortunes to escape tax and place them in tax havens “.

Then recognized that the most precarious households could not pay in gonette in all businesses that accept local currency: “Some businesses that accept Gonette get their supplies in short circuits and are therefore more expensive. But this only corresponds to 10% of Gonette’s partners.“.

Finally, Camille Augey felt that a “thirty elected officials“(out of the 51 of the majority editor’s note) were “declared voluntary” to receive gonettes rather than euros each month. “Among which the mayor of Lyon”, outbid Grégory Doucet. However, we do not know in what proportions the gonette will take precedence over the European currency for these elected officials.

It is already the third community to join the gonette, after the Métropole de Lyon and Villeurbanne.

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