Working world: From the limits of the home office – Kronach

The global IT of Dr. Schneider Group has not taken any precautions explicitly for Internet failures among employees in the mobile office. “In a company of our size and industry, there would be no way of storing enough data for an” offline mobile office “locally on the mobile devices,” explains press spokeswoman Ria Schuberth. “Our secure and high-performance solution for employee mobile office access requires an Internet connection, but a very low data transfer rate is sufficient here (1.5 Mbit / s to 5 Mbit / s are ideal). This means that employees in the mobile office can also use basic applications with a reduced data transmission rate, ”says Schuberth.

In the event of a complete failure of an employee’s Internet connection in the mobile office, there is still the alternative of using a mobile hotspot via the smartphone. It is relatively unlikely that both will fail at the same time. So far there have been no such failures in the mobile office at Dr. Schneider, Schuberth is reassured.

“Since March, six of the 35 employees have been working from home at and, who are spread across different districts,” explains Jochen Gleich from TechnoPlan GmbH in Marktrodach. The company provided the hardware for the home office, and the employees also receive an expense allowance via the Corona bonus. For a while, there were even more employees in the home office, but they had to be brought back to the office because the internet connection at their place of residence, mostly in smaller towns, was not optimal. This often resulted in disconnections. For Jochen Gleich, however, one thing was always clear: “The company paid for the costs that arose as a result.”


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