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Germany warns of a “real danger” of jihadist attacks against the backdrop of the war between Hamas and Israel

The head of German domestic intelligence said on Wednesday that there is a possibility of jihadist attacks in his country due to the war between Hamas and Israel, warning that “the danger is real and has not been this high for a long time.” This rare public warning indicates Berlin’s concern about attacks targeting Jews, Israeli institutions, and large public events.

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The intelligence services issued Germany On Wednesday, he warned of a real danger, the “largest in a long time,” of attacks by Islamists in the country due to… The war between Hamas and Israel.

In this context, the head of German domestic intelligence, Thomas Haldenwang, said in a statement: “We see calls among jihadist movements to launch attacks and for Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State to join the conflict in the Middle East.”

This public warning, which is considered one of the rare warnings issued by this security apparatus, indicates the authorities’ concern and fear of “possible attack plans targeting the security of Jews, Israeli institutions, and also large public events” in the country.

As Haldenwang said: “The risk is real and has not been this high in a long time.”

The German authorities are concerned about the conflict spreading to their country since the beginning of the war between Hamas and the Hebrew state on October 7, which led to the death of about 1,200 people in Israel, most of them civilians, and the death of about 15,000 people from Gaza, more than 6,000 of whom are children, according to the report. The government of the Palestinian movement.

On November 2, Germany banned activities linked to Hamas on its territory, especially those carried out by the “Samoun” organization, a network that says it supports Palestinian prisoners and which distributed sweets in Berlin to celebrate the “victory of the resistance” after the October 7 attack. the first.

German intelligence also pointed to other dangers, such as “Palestinian extremists, Turkish right-wing extremists, and German and Turkish left-wing extremists,” who “spread hatred, incitement, propaganda, or fake news on social media platforms” regarding the conflict. She also said that “German right-wing extremists are exploiting the current situation to incite against Muslims and immigrants.”

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