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Mitsotakis: “The Beleris candidacy is self-evidently highly symbolic” – 2024-04-22 08:22:35

Kyriakos Mitsotakis was asked about many things right after the end of the extraordinary two-day meeting of the European Council in Brussels. Speaking to Greek journalists, the Prime Minister, in addition to announcing his meeting with Tayyip Enrogan, did not hide his satisfaction with the Council’s conclusions on the Middle East.

“I am pleased with the conclusions and with regard to the Middle East, emphasis was placed on the need for all parties to work in such a way as to prevent the escalation of the crisis and the extension of conflicts”to add: “Beyond the self-evident support for Israel in the face of the unprecedented attack by Iran, it is extremely positive to report on the situation in Gaza where the humanitarian crisis is such that it requires an immediate ceasefire.”

Regarding the discussion on the report of the former Italian Prime Minister, Enrico Letta, on the competitiveness of the European economy, the Prime Minister emphasized, among other things, that “the Letta report is moving in the right direction, it is very important for a country like Greece for the single market to function. It is important for businesses to have a Capital Markets Union that allows them to operate better, but also allows European investors to invest in European businesses. I believe that we will take steps towards the creation of a single capital market”.

Regarding his proposal for the issuance of a Eurobond for defense, Kyriakos Mitsotakis underlined that “I will personally claim the creation of a single European financial instrument”.

“Accuracy persists and squeezes disposable income”

In fact, the prime minister said that “Indeed there is a mismatch between the real performance of the economy and the sense that this growth concerns the citizens, the accuracy persists and squeezes the disposable income and the interventions of the government are in this direction as the increases in wages and eg minimum wage create an embankment to pressures.

When asked about the accuracy, the prime minister insisted that he is very concerned about the accuracy that puts pressure on disposable income and in view of Easter he noted that “prices will be reasonable and will not exceed last year’s levels. The government continues in every way to support disposable incomes, but also to correct injustices, as was done with the expansion of the maternity level, the platform for which was opened today.”

“The candidacy of Freddy Beleris obviously has a very heavy symbolism and I think that everyone who is interested in the Greek minority in Albania realizes this”, the prime minister answered a question about the reactions that have been triggered by the candidacy of the legally elected Mayor of Heimarra on the European ballot of the New Republic.

Regarding European elections and the explicit reference in the conclusions of the European Council on disinformation and manipulation by foreign countries, he said: “We know today that there are foreign powers that want to interfere in national elections to promote their own geopolitical agenda and the AI ​​tools are such that it is easy to release fake videos, fake audios and spread very quickly. I appeal to citizens to be suspicious, not to consider any news and information to be true and to seek objective information, and the role of the mass media is extremely important.”

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