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General practice closed due to corona infections | 1Limburg

by world today news

At Mantingh-Nooijen GP practice in Schinveld, two employees have been infected with the corona virus.

That is why the practice is closed for the rest of the week. The general practice has 14 employees and a total of 4,500 clients.

Emergency cases
“We are open for urgent cases,” said a spokesperson on behalf of the practice on Monday. “But we ask people who want to come by for warts or something like that to wait a week.”

All colleagues tested
One of the two infected employees was diagnosed with a corona infection during the autumn holidays. “All colleagues were then tested and it turned out that a second team member was infected. He had no complaints, by the way.”

There is no fear that clients have become infected during a visit to the practice. “We have been wearing medical face masks since March. The clients know that too.” The staff also wear mouth masks in mutual contact. “Except for the sandwich during the break.”

Due to the corona infections, the staff in home quarantine and the practice have been closed. The practice is available for emergencies, because general practitioner is a crucial profession. “But it looks like we will be open regularly again on Monday.”

A big annual round with the flu syringe is scheduled for Saturday 31 October. “It will continue as usual. That is just safe, we discussed those plans with the GGD.” The practice expects 1,100 clients to get a flu vaccine. “People really do not have to be afraid,” emphasizes the spokesman.


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