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Turkish President Regepi Taipa Erdogan continues his verbal attacks on French President Emanuel Macron, who vehemently defended the right to be irony about religion after this month’s terrorist beheaded a French teacher who had shown cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad to his students.

Over the weekend, France recalled its ambassador to Turkey in response to Erdogan’s statement that Macron should check for mental health. On Monday, October 26, Erdogan announced that Muslims in Europe were being treated in the same way as Jews before World War II. He also called not to buy French products.

“We see Islamophobia spreading like a plague in European societies.

Almost every day, Muslim workplaces, churches and schools are attacked by racists and fascists. If we talk about France … They call not to buy products made in Turkey. That is why I urge the people of my country: do not pay attention to French brands. Don’t buy them, “said Turkish President Erdogan.


In mid-October in the Conflan-Sentonorin suburb of Paris, a young man armed with a knife beheaded Samuel Pati, a local school history teacher. For many in France, it evoked memories of a wave of violence by Islamic terrorists in 2015 after the satirical Charlie Hebdo published cartoons with the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

A few weeks before his death, he had shown these cartoons to students about freedom of speech in one of his lessons. This provoked the outrage and anger of some parents of Islamic students. The French anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office said it had received death threats online.

Abdullah Anzorov, an 18-year-old Chechen radical, is found to be a murderer paid about 300 euros for Pat recognition. After committing a heinous crime, the Moscow-born radical fled and was killed while being chased by police. He was later linked to a group linked to the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

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