Forensic Scientist Speculates on “Murder for Millions” of Bulgarian Underground Figure in South Africa

This is a typical contract killing done by professionals who are paid quite well. We can say in Agatha Christie style “murder for millions”.

This is how forensic scientist Ivan Savov commented on the murder of Krasimir Kamenov – Kuro in the Republic of South Africa last week.

According to Savov, Kuro is a “prominent representative of the underground from the 90s” and one of the few survivors.

“A person with such a long history cannot help but affect someone’s interests – either his former partner or someone who feels threatened by having his business taken away from him,” said the criminologist.

He did not rule out the possibility that the murder was related to a business that has nothing to do with Bulgaria, such as the diamond business in Africa.

“It seems impossible to me to identify the physical perpetrators of the murder. It is not so impossible for the guarantors, but there must be serious work and there must be cooperation,” explained Savov.

He also said that all conspiracies in the case should be cleared up and what is found out from the investigation should be made public and it should be made clear whether Kamenov continued to “pull the strings in Bulgaria”.

“I don’t think we will see an answer in this particular case, because the times of vendettas between different groups suggested strengths. I don’t think Kuro maintained any strong network that would take revenge for him,” emphasized Savov.

The fact that Kuro’s children remained alive is no accident, the criminologist is convinced.

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“Killers usually study the habits of their target in advance. They have a rule not to interfere with children. In this case, they waited for the children to go to school,” Ivan Savov explained to Bulgaria on air.

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