For bribes and alcohol, the doctor prescribed opiates to drug addicts and dealers

According to the police, a general practitioner from Prague prescribed prescriptions for opiates for monetary bribes or even alcohol. The doctor exhibited the prescriptions for which drug addicts and dealers went to the surgery, for example, for dead patients. Police detained both the sixty-three-year-old doctor and three other people who went to him for prescriptions and resold the drugs.

Police officers have been dealing with the case of the opiate prescription shop in the doctor’s office in Strojnická Street in Prague 7 since last year. Opiates or opioids include drugs such as morphine and codeine or illegal drugs such as heroin. “In at least six months, he has been able to prescribe 218 prescriptions for 440 packs of unnamed medicine, which is 13,220 tablets. This is many times more pharmaceuticals than is common in general practitioners in the local area,” the spokeswoman said. Moreover, according to her, it is possible that the final amount of illegally prescribed drugs will be even significantly higher.

“In some cases, the prescriptions were issued to a person who was no longer alive or was serving a custodial sentence at the time,” Drábková added.

During the investigation, detectives found that in the vast majority of cases, people with a varied drug crime history went to the surgery for opiate prescriptions. Some of them have traded in opiates on the streets in the past. According to the police, the three detainees, who subsequently sold prescription drugs illegally, earned up to 30,000 crowns a month in this way.

According to the police, who issued prescriptions to dealers, the doctor ended up in custody. He faces up to ten years in prison.



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