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Foods that are good for the liver?… “Don’t be fooled by ‘health foods'”

Herbs known to be good for the liver… can have a negative effect on liver function

Liver cancer is not a disease caused by food. It is not a disease that can be cured by changing food. Eating certain foods intensively does not help treat cancer. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

There is one thing that liver doctors worry about. A patient undergoing treatment appears after eating a small amount of food that is said to be ‘good for the liver.’ I forgot what to say when the patient mentioned that he just took it because people around him recommended it. Data from the National Cancer Information Center emphasizes that “most herbs and plants that are known to be good for the liver can have a negative effect on liver function and interfere with treatment,” and “there are many cases where they are actually harmful, so you should never be deceived.”

expertHealthy foods recommended by?… “There are many more harmful cases.

The National Cancer Information Center said, “All kinds of ‘experts’, including doctors, appear in various media and say that various immune-boosting drugs or health foods prevent the occurrence or recurrence of cancer,” adding, “This has not been medically proven in reality; “There are far more harmful cases,” he said. For example, it was said that in many cases, after consuming things that have not been scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects, such as elm bark, mugwort, or herbal medicines with unknown ingredients, the condition worsens and the patient is unable to receive effective treatment.

It is not caused by food, Changing your diet won’t cure you

Unlike other cancers, most liver cancers occur after suffering from chronic hepatitis B, hepatitis C, alcoholic hepatitis, or steatohepatitis for a long time. When your liver deteriorates, you become tempted to eat foods that are ‘good for your liver.’ However, liver cancer is not a disease caused by food. It is not a disease that can be cured by changing food. Eating certain foods intensively does not help treat cancer. Considering the patient’s digestive ability, it is important to consume nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins evenly and eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

right upper abdomen pain, abdominal bloating, weight loss, severe fatigue

Liver cancer is a representative cancer that does not show symptoms. In the beginning, there are almost no symptoms, but when they become evident, they are often quite advanced. Pain in the upper right abdomen, abdominal bloating, weight loss, severe fatigue, and indigestion may occur, but are easy to ignore. When liver cancer develops in a patient with cirrhosis, jaundice or ascites may suddenly worsen. Liver cancer can sometimes be discovered accidentally during a health checkup. It is examined by abdominal ultrasound and measuring serum alpha-fetoprotein.

New patients per year 1only 5152number of peoplecancer mortality rate 2stomach

There are many new cases of liver cancer every year and the mortality rate is high. In 2020 alone, 15,152 patients occurred. According to the ‘2022 Cause of Death Statistics’ recently announced by Statistics Korea, liver cancer (19.9 people) ranked second after lung cancer (36.3 people) in the cancer mortality rate (per 100,000 people). It was followed by colon cancer (17.9 people), pancreatic cancer (14.3 people), and stomach cancer (13.9 people). You can reduce the number of cases and death rates by paying close attention to your liver health.

liver cancer 85%, Associated with hepatitis virusunverified foodDangers of Home Remedies

To prevent liver cancer, managing chronic hepatitis B or C is most important. Approximately 85% of all liver cancers are related to the hepatitis virus. You should also be careful about alcohol. Drinking alcohol and smoking together increases the risk. We must also pay attention to the prevention and management of fatty liver disease, which is caused by excessive fat intake rather than alcohol. It is also dangerous to rely only on false or exaggerated advertisements or rumors and use foods or folk remedies whose effectiveness has not been proven.

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