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Flu almost kills Hispanic father and saves “artificial lung” – Telemundo Chicago

ILLINOIS – Octavio Cárdenas, 42, never imagined that he was going to get the influenza virus, much less because he was about to die.

It all started on Christmas Eve, when he began to feel fever, body discomfort and diarrhea and later went to the hospital where they confirmed that he had influenza.

Initially this father of eight did not respond to
treatment, it was then that his doctors decided to perform a
special procedure called ECMO.

“His lungs were very affected, he couldn’t
breathe on its own, so that’s why the decision was made to submit it to this
process. ECMO is a special machine that practically does the function
of breathing, it can be said that it is an artificial lung ”,

Octavio has been held in the intensive care unit at Northwestern Hospital since January 1 and after having had to go through this bitter moment, urges other people to get vaccinated against the influenza virus.

At the moment, he has several weeks of recovery and therapy in the hospital.

Currently you can eat alone and walk and thanks to
This innovative ECMO treatment is expected to recover faster.

What he says he is sure of is that he will not fail to get vaccinated every year against the influenza virus.

Find here Valuable information in Spanish on how to prevent the spread of flu.

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