Five television series about television to discover what the shows are like behind the scenes

Ah, television. That industry that has been part of our lives for decades and decades. The one that entertains and informs us, the one that makes us laugh and makes us cry, but, above all, the one that accompanies us in our daily lives.

Five rural series to pack and go to town this summer

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A world so fascinating, so complex and so unique that it has often inspired scriptwriters and producers to create their own series, which has even given rise to its own sub-genre within fiction: the ‘meta-television’ or “television within from the television”. Proof of this are these five series, all available on streaming platforms, which use the television world to set their plots and tell their frenetic stories.

‘The Morning Show’

Where to see it: Apple TV+. You can see it here.

What is it about: The most successful morning show on American television is rocked when its star host, the beloved and prestigious Mitch Kessler, is accused of sexual abuse. At that moment, the foundations of the morning begin to shake completely. For Kessler and for his colleagues, especially for the program’s co-host, Alex Levy, who is left in an uncomfortable position not only because of what happened with his friend, but because of the signing of a new reporter, Bradley Jackson, whose arrival represents the changes. that are coming in the morning.

What the critic says: our colleague Pedro Zárate defined it as “an enjoyable pastime that takes time to explode its powerful universe”, emphasizing that it goes from less to more but that, at its peak, it is claimed as a series that is very worthwhile.

You will like it if: You are fascinated by series full of Hollywood stars. Here are joined by none other than Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, all three well supported by Billy Crudup or Néstor Carbonell, among others.

‘The Newsroom’

Where to see it: HBO. You can see it here.

What is it about: The Newsroom shows the ins and outs of News Night, the reputed news outlet of the fictitious network ACN. The series focuses on the lives in front of and behind the cameras of its host acid, its new executive producer, the newsroom staff and the head of the news section. After getting through a hectic first day together, the team embarks on a patriotic, if not quixotic, mission to “stay true to the news” in the face of corporate and business hurdles and their own personal entanglements.

What the critic says: “the most attractive part of The Newsroom is that it is clear that Sorkin wants the series to be huge, full of characters of all kinds and capable of taking on countless stories, as it analyzes journalism, politics, love, the workplace and the United States itself, “he said. in his critique Tim Goodman, of The Hollywood Reporter.

You will like it if: you are a fan of Aaron Sorkin’s fast-paced dialogues and series that go all out from the very first scene.

‘The Hour’

Where to see it: Amazon Prime Video. You can see it here.

What is it about: The Hour follows the day-to-day life of a new weekly BBC news program in 1956, during the Cold War. It is an ambitious format headed by Freddie (reporter), Bel (producer) and Hector (presenter), who in turn form a love triangle full of tensions according to the society of the moment. However, their lives will be further complicated when Freddie uncovers an MI6 conspiracy to cover up lies and assassinations from the British government during the Suez Canal crisis.

What the critics say: “nobody like the British to do period series. You really have to want to take them off before The Hour“Tim Goodman began by pointing out in his criticism (The Hollywood Reporter), who did not skimp on praise for the series, which he defined as “excellent” and so “absorbing that it makes you want to see the next chapter immediately”.

You will like it if: you like the world of television, spy thrillers, and costumes and setting in the style Mad Men.


Where to see it: Movistar +. You can see it here.

What is it about: Quiz tells the incredible true story of Charles Ingram, a former British Army commander who starred in a tremendous scandal in the early 2000s, when he was accused of cheating to win £ 1 million in the newly created television contest Who wants to be a millionaire? The series looks at how Ingram, his wife and an accomplice present during the contest, Tecwen Whittock, managed to circumvent the rules of the show before being discovered and brought to justice.

What the critic says: “Quiz it will delight any television lover whose eyes sparkle as they discover a new favorite format. Because the series transmits, from its inception, the passion for creating a new program from scratch, the difficulty of someone buying it and the enthusiasm that turns over when they do it, “our colleague Paula Hergar pointed out in her criticism.

You will like it if: you are a fan of Who wants to be a millionaire? and of those stories that seem impossible, but end up being as real as life itself.

‘The Comeback’

Where to see it: HBO. You can see it here.

What is it about: Lisa Kudrow plays actress Valerie Cherish, a former television star who now, 10 years after her moment of glory, is so desperate to relaunch her career that she agrees to star in a reality show titled The Comeback. The show’s cameras follow Valerie everywhere as she tries to land a role in a new sitcom titled Room and Bored. With this premise, The Comeback showcases the crazy world of television, the Beverly Hills lifestyle, and the bravery of an actress struggling to keep her career and personal life afloat. All under the relentless scrutiny of the ubiquitous cameras.

What the critic says: “It was a series ahead of its time”, wrote Jackie Strause, of New York Post, after seeing the two seasons of the series, of which it emphasized its “hilarity” and its “emotion” at the time of showing how it really is behind the scenes the desired lifestyle of show business.

You will like it if: all 10 seasons of Lisa Kudrow in Friends They knew you little by little and you need to see her shine alone and away from the shadow of Phoebe Buffay.

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