Final Fantasy 7 remake: release, gameplay, story, trailer

The remake of “Final Fantasy 7” will be released in March 2020 for PlayStation 4. Here you can find all information about release, gameplay, story and trailer in the overview.

After around five years of waiting, the new action video game will appear in 2020 “Final Fantasy 7 “. This is a remake of the US cult game “Final Fantasy“, which celebrated its premiere in 1997. All information about release date, story, gameplay and trailer of “Final Fantasy 7 “remakes can be found here in our overview.

Final Fantasy Remake: When will Final Fantasy 7 be released?

The release date from “Final Fantasy 7 “remake was already on the”Final Fantasy 7 “concert” A Symphonic Reunion “announced: The release is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, 2020. However, the game is already online, among other things at Amazon, be pre-ordered. A Collector’s Edition of the game will soon be available, which will include a cloud figure.

“Final Fantasy 7”: story and gameplay during the remake

Like the developers of the remakesFinal Fantasy Announced 7 “in June, the game will fill two Blu-Ray discs. The first part of the new production will be in the city Midgar play and thus offer the players an independent gaming experience. There was also Square Enix already known that in “Final Fantasy 7 “remake above all tactical decisions will be in demand. For those who are less into tactics but more into action, it will be in the video game also give the so-called “action mode”. The users are then given the opportunity to put their avatars’ skills on “shortcuts” so that they can react much faster.

Remake of

In the game there will also be different characters, such as Barret and Tifa, between which the player can choose. There is a peculiarity: The more often you switch between characters, the stronger the subsequent attack will be.

Trailer for the “Final Fantasy 7” remake

The video gameFinal Fantasy 7 – remake“will be released on March 3rd for Play Station 4. If you already want to get an impression of the game, you can see the official one here trailer,

Reviews and tests: Criticism of “Final Fantasy VII” follows

Tests and reviews will only be published shortly before release of “Final Fantasy 7 “appear. We will give you an overview at this point. (AZ)

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