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FilGoal | News | Amir Mortada: Contracting with Al-Saeed? Carteron asked for a deadline to determine his needs .. and our position on electrification

Amir Mortada Mansour, General Supervisor of the Zamalek football team, revealed the details of his conversation with French coach Patrice Carteron regarding the winter transfer market.

FilGoal.com revealed some of Zamalek officials contacted Abdullah Al-Saeed regarding his knowledge of his stance on joining the White Castle next January. (See details)

Amir Mortada said about his “communication with Abdullah Al-Saeed”: It did not happen.

“Cartier has yet to specify his needs in January. More than one match awaits us until the registration window is opened and we have one place left in the list,” he added in his statements to Cairo and Al-Nas channel.

“We have crises in the right-back and midfield centers because of injuries and the striker’s outright position. We have identified names in each position and are awaiting Carteron’s final decision regarding which position needs support,” he said.

“The only deal for us should be very well considered, so Carteron asked for a deadline before he told us what he needed.”

An official source revealed toFilGoal.com Earlier, the fate of Abdullah Al-Saeed’s deal depended on the position of the Zamalek technical staff, especially with the inability of the player to participate in the African Championship.

Is Zamalek close to breaking Khaled Boutaib’s contract? Amir Mortada answers, “Boutayeb may need surgical intervention at the present time. He is a very respectable player and injustice in the last period because of his participation, despite not being 100% ready.”

“He played Toteb, despite his incomplete recovery, and he aggravated the injury. We will see the best and best for Zamalek and we will do it taking into account what the player has provided with us.”

He continued his speech by saying: “Boutayeb is now conducting medical examinations in France to compare them with what he did in Germany, and then we will see what we will do.”

The 32-year-old joined Zamalek last winter from Malatya, Turkey.

Moroccan International scored 4 goals in 16 partnerships with Zamalek.

Amir Mortada touched to talk about “Sharing electrification with Al-Ahly” approachingHe said: “We submitted a complaint in Kahraba before joining Al-Ahly. The complaint was against the Portuguese player and club and we were specialized in Al-Ahly.”

He continued, “The International Federation will determine the date of the session and in the end, Zamalek guarantees its material and moral rights to the player.”

He concluded, “The coming days will confirm who has the right to the Electa case.”

Al-Ahly announced earlier that it signed Mahmoud Abdel Moneim, “Electrify”, in a free transfer deal, after the player broke his contract by mutual consent with the Portuguese footballer, who joined him without the approval of Zamalek.. (See details)

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