Felix Slováček is leaving the hospital. He told Dade not to visit

Saxophonist Felix Slováček is heading home from the hospital on Monday. He told the editors of TN.cz that he felt much better. This was also confirmed by his wife Dáda Patrasová, who revealed that Felix had given her and her daughter Anička a weekend visit. He said he needed peace and was soon expecting discharge from the hospital, so he thought it would be useless.

Felix Slováček (78) was hospitalized on Friday evening with a suspected stroke. But that was apparently not confirmed. “I had such a weakness, my head was spinning, I was vomiting. For that reason, I was examined,” a famous saxophonist confided to the TN.cz editorial staff.

However, his condition has significantly improved since the weekend. “I’m the best. I’m asleep, I’m rested. I’m fine now, I have a release letter, I’m one foot from the hospital,” he said Monday afternoon.

According to his wife, Dáda Patrasová, his daughter picks him up at the hospital. The actress has not had a chance to see him since his collapse. She planned to visit him over the weekend, but Felix didn’t want it.

“My daughter and I weren’t there because he didn’t want to. He needed peace, he was under some medication. He said it was useless to be released anyway today. I wanted to go there on Saturday and he said he was under medication and that he didn’t need anything, “Patras said.

“He’s fine, he’s had a MRI, everything went well,” she said of his health.




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