Farewell to the “lemonade”. Karel Fiala († 95): THE FUNERAL DESTROYED COVID!

There were woefully few people in the mourning hall. A colleague and a friend came to say goodbye to the legendary Lemonade Joe for the acting community Ladislav Županič (77), who spoke over the coffin. Diary Aha! he did not hide his disappointment. “Covid did not see, but I was very surprised that only me and Irena Pluháčková from Karlín came to say goodbye to Karl from the industry. It’s a shame! Where were all those who slapped Karl on the shoulders? ”He then added,“ Don’t tell me they’re all quarantined! ”

Pazderkova shocks her character! And the sad circumstances before Fiala’s death

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Unfortunately, Fial’s eldest son from his first marriage, Boris, a former flight attendant who did not escape the covid, was in isolation. So only three of Lemonade’s sons sat in the front row: JUDr. Karel Fiala, musical actor Jan Fiala and singer of the Prague Philharmonic Choir Tomáš Fiala. Karla had Fiala from his second marriage and two other sons with his last and third wife, the musical actress Věra Vlková (78), who sat in the front row with her sons and grandchildren. There was also Fiala’s granddaughter and Honza’s daughter Anna Fialová, whom we know from the series Vinaři or from Your Face has a familiar voice. Fortunately, she managed to recover from the covid in time. And so you and your grandfather to the sounds of the song Karla Gotta († 80) My God, my God from the Violet’s most famous film Lemonade Joe, she sang in her mind …

Fiala during the last meeting with Županič: Don’t follow me anymore!

Ladislav Županič also remembered the last moment he spent with Karel, ie on August 3 on his birthday. “We talked nicely, but Karel was quickly tired, so I hugged him, we kissed on the cheek. When we said goodbye, he said to me, “Don’t come after me again!” “Admitted Županič, who already suspected that he had seen his friend for the last time. “But it never occurred to me that Karel would leave exactly one day in two months on October 3rd. But he had a beautiful and full life, “said Županič, who had known Fiala for over 50 years. In the end, he promised Fiala that he would not have lemonade in his honor in the evening, but whiskey.

Lemonade Fiala – Video here:

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