“Enuresis can hide a secondary disease”, explains Michel Cymes

That the one or the one who never forgot in his sheets or his clothes when he (or she) was less than 5 years old raise his finger… I do not see anyone. It’s normal, the “bedwetting” sequence is a necessary part of learning to live. Everyone is entitled to it, we learn to be clean and we stay that way forever.

It is considered that a 5 year old child must be clean. If this is not the case, it is because there is a urination disorder and therefore bedwetting. This is something that we must obviously be concerned about for two reasons: first, because it has a negative influence on the child’s family and school experience. Then because enuresis can hide a secondary disease.

Like diabetes, for example. Bedwetting can also be indicative of urinary tract malformation or infection. But there are a plethora of other causes, both psychological and physiological. Physiologically, you have children who have a problem with the neuromuscular bladder reflex.

Psychologically, anything is possible. It goes from stress to sleep disorder, including the birth of a little brother or sister (experienced as a competition) or even the divorce of the parents … And hold on, since we are talking about parents, sometimes
heredity also puts its two cents in the business
. We know that when the parents have been concerned, the child has an 80% chance of being too.

Cleanliness education as a prevention tool

I will not dwell on the drug solutions (which are often effective but must be adapted to each one) but rather on everything that can be put in place to prevent bedwetting. The first prevention tool, it is cleanliness education. Cleanliness is a subject. You should talk to your child about it around 2 years old, before he goes to preschool. Without ever making him feel guilty and making sure to congratulate him when he passes a night without incident. As for the rest, there are a whole bunch of simple things that can help. You just have to put them in place.

First, make sure your child doesn’t drink too much before going to bed. Then, force him to take a detour to the bathroom before going to bed. Finally, depending on his progress, offer to sleep without a diaper. Not having one will subconsciously encourage him to hold back.

Yes. I have always told you that we sleep better in complete darkness, but if the child wishes, you can leave a night light on in his room. If he wakes up in the middle of the night with a little urge, he won’t be afraid to go to the bathroom and have no difficulty in getting his hands on the chamber pot that you can leave at his disposal … Finally, when I say “get your hands on the pot”, it’s just a phrase.

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