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Eating Noodles with Onions and Zucchini for Blood Sugar Control

Onions and zucchini contribute to blood sugar control in noodles, which are carbohydrates.

Entered 2024.02.16 21:20 Entered 2024.02.16 21:20 Modified 2024.02.16 19:23 Views 352 Avoid overeating noodles and eat them with vegetables such as zucchini, onions, and green onions, which help control blood sugar levels. [사진=클립아트코리아]

Kalguksu and Janchiguksu are really delicious. However, if you eat too much, your blood sugar level rises quickly and your weight gradually increases. Noodles made from white flour are a representative carbohydrate food. In this case, let’s add more zucchini, onions, and carrots that are commonly used in kalguksu. It helps control blood sugar. Noodles made from whole wheat are even better.

Blood sugar – glycemic index related to hyperlipidemia… High vs Low Foods

Carbohydrates are associated with increased blood sugar, which is important in preventing and managing diabetes. Glycemic Index is a number that indicates how quickly blood sugar rises after eating carbohydrates. According to data from the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, foods with a low glycemic index (multigrains, whole grains, whole wheat bread, vegetables, seaweed, etc.) cause blood sugar to rise slowly and low after a meal, but foods with a high glycemic index (white wheat flour, white rice, white bread, candy, etc.) Sweets, etc.) cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly after a meal.

However, even for foods with a high glycemic index, the degree to which blood sugar levels rise varies depending on whether they are eaten with other foods or how they are cooked. Eating a lot of carbohydrates also increases the risk of hyperlipidemia (dyslipidemia). If you need to control your blood sugar, it is important to reduce your carbohydrate intake. It is better to choose foods such as multigrain rice, whole grains, and whole wheat bread rather than white flour and white bread, and always eat plenty of vegetables.

Angpa… Carbohydrate metabolism – promotes insulin action

Onions contain a lot of chromium. According to the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, chromium is a trace mineral that maintains homeostasis in carbohydrate (glucose) metabolism and helps control blood sugar by promoting insulin action. Quercetin prevents fat and cholesterol from accumulating in blood vessels. It also blocks cell attack from reactive oxygen species and lipid peroxides, helping to heal cell inflammation and wounds. Onions are helpful not only when eating grilled meat, but also when eating flour foods.

Zucchini + green onion… Digestion – regulates blood sugar – contributes to intestinal motility

Zucchini is a good food for diabetics or obese people who need to control blood sugar levels. Digestion – It is easily absorbed and also helps digest other foods. It is very good for people with weak stomachs or convalescent patients. Vitamin A helps protect eyesight and skin beauty. Green onions are rich in dietary fiber, which facilitates intestinal movement. When consumed with foods high in fat, it inhibits the absorption of cholesterol into the body.

When eating noodles… “Be sure to eat vegetables together.”

You won’t be able to stop eating delicious noodles. However, rather than overeating, it is better to eat it with vegetables that help control blood sugar levels. If you want to make the noodles not too salty, it helps to add kimchi. Foods that use wheat flour dough, such as noodle soup or bread, already contain a significant amount of salt. Combining salty noodles with salted kimchi is not good for blood pressure and stomach mucosa. You should also refrain from eating potatoes or sweet potatoes after eating noodles. Because it is a carbohydrate food, if you eat it continuously, you can gain weight. Hyperlipidemia (dyslipidemia) can be caused by excessive carbohydrate intake, in addition to fatty meat and fried foods.

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