Düsseldorf: Neighbor should die because he complained about music – Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf – Because the neighbor (66) once complained to him about music that was too loud, Jens D. (31) decided to kill him. He set fire to the shared apartment building on Oberrather Strasse in Düsseldorf five times.

“Yes, I wanted him to die,” confesses Jens D. before the Düsseldorf Regional Court, where the public prosecutor is charging him with attempted murder and serious arson. He felt threatened by the man. According to his own account, he only thought about the fact that the other 17 tenants could also be killed by the arson later.

Jens D. committed his deeds in the cellar at night or late at night. There, the shift worker set fire to garbage or junk five times between June and August 2020. The residents lived in fear for weeks. Two fires caused major property damage: The house was completely smoky and uninhabitable for a week.

The police tracked down Jens D. because a resident had once observed him near the crime scene.

Neighbor Detlef F. (66) testifies as a witness: “I never exchanged a syllable with the defendant. I once complained about the music on his door and knocked twice on the wall. Then it was quieter. “

The accused suffers from a “slight intellectual disability”. He faces life imprisonment.



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