Dragan dripping beauty! Police Tero opens the house to cut Sukhothai 2-0

Dragan Boskovic hit the door, closed the beautiful box for the agency Police Tero FC to open their home to defeat Sukhothai FC 2-0 in the Thai League 1 battle last evening (24 February 64)

Police Tero FC 2-0 Sukhothai FC

Thai Football League 1 Wednesday, February 24, 2021 game at the local Bunyachinda Stadium Police Tero FC The 10th team in the open home schedule receives visits Sukhothai FC Team 12 in the table

The opening of the game started in the first half. Both teams also played very carefully. Giving quite a few chances to enter at 18 p.m., the visiting team had a chance to win the lead from the moment John Bajjo tipped the ball from the middle of the field up to the Ibson Melo to compete with the defensive line. Before he fell into a shot with a safe, Prasit put a narrow luck

Later on at 22:00, the home team had to win some goals from the moment Narong Chan Sawak placed the ball long to Sunday Son Jinda kept the ball in front of the penalty area. Before finding the right spinning square The ball fell off the triangle, the pole farther away, with a thrilling sensation.

Into PM 25, the home team broke the door up 1-0 from the stroke of free kick in the corner of the left penalty area. Narong Chansuak The ball struck the first post cleanly.

During the 10 minutes before the end of the first half The visiting team tries to create an offensive game, hoping to equalize for PM 44 Ibson Melo flows for John Bajjo to fall into the right penalty area. Before hitting to be safe, prasit put up with luck, narrowly prevented The rest of the period has no additional points, the end of the first 45 minutes, the home team is 1-0.

The second half, the home team focused on the defensive game and waited for a moment to counter. While the visiting team tried to fix the game, hoping to keep the equalizer at PM 65, Chatri Rattanawong passed the ball for John Bajjo to slipped into the right. The ball hit the beam. Missed the goal unfortunately.

Until PM 73, the resident came to break the door 2-0 away from the stroke of the defensive line, the home defendant grabbed the ball into the gun. Dragan Boskovic A single blow without letting it fall to the ground. The ball dived under the beam beautifully.

After 76 pm, the visiting team had a chance to hit the egg from the moment Isaac Honnie tackled the ball without breaking the ball, reaching Ibson. But still pushed far across the bar

P. 83 The visiting team sends the ball into the bottom of the net from the shot of Ipson Melo But in the end, the referee checks VAR and sees that there is an offside stroke before Finally canceled the goals of the visiting team The score is still 2-0.

The rest The visiting team tried to start the attack. Hoping to get the goal back But the rhythm in the last area is not sharp, meet the game’s end, Police Tero FC opens the home to beat Sukhothai FC 2-0

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