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DOMINICANO – Ventura Ceballos intended to cross into Costa Rica

The plan of the Dominican Gilberto Ventura Ceballos, 44, was to cross the border of Panama to Costa Rica, before being recaptured last Thursday by the police of that country in a mangrove area of ​​the Santiago River in the sector of El Salado, Remedios , Province of chiriqui.

This is revealed by different Panamanian newspapers, which highlight that the Dominican was about 142 kilometers away from Panama, an action he could carry out in just one day.

The newspapers indicate that in his possession $ 700 was found, between dollars and pesos of that country, mostly the bills were 100 dollars.

In addition, at the time of his recapture he found binoculars, a walkie talkie and a cell phone, which presumably communicated with his accomplices.

So far the possible Ventura Ceballos co-participants have not been arrested, but according to Mi Diario.com, “sources indicate that there would be enough information and there is talk of up to 8 people who have been part of this operation”.

Yesterday Friday in a raid, the National Police and the Public Ministry seized technological equipment in a house in the district of Bugaba, allegedly related to Gilberto Ventura Ceballos.

According to the newspaper Prensa.com, a man and a woman have already been identified but have not yet been arrested.

Among the confiscated material were two cell phones, computers and bank transaction receipts, which analyze forensic experts of the Public Ministry.

After being recaptured, Ventura Ceballos remains, for the moment, in a transitional cell at the headquarters of the National Police of Ancón, Panama City, until the prison system defines its destiny.

Upon arriving at Ancon, he was given medical attention that allowed him to determine the physical conditions he was in, and it was determined that he was dehydrated.

At the time of his capture, as indicated by the Panamanian media, he did not carry any type of documents, he was alone, smelly, sitting under a bridge, wearing a navy blue sweater with the logo of a surf company, presumably the same with the one who escaped, and dark pants. He hung another long-sleeved sweater around his neck, perhaps to spend the nights outdoors.

On his capture there are contradictions on the part of the authorities, according to the director of the Panamanian National Police, Jorge Miranda, all the work of his arrest was a work of intelligence coordinated with the entire Senafront, Senan public force.

But a former director of the National Police, Ebrahim Asvat, put on his Twitter account that: “No intelligence operation and dismiss. One person informed the Police.”


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