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Researchers link number of sexual partners to cancer

According to a study published on February 13 by international researchers, the number of sexual partners during one’s life has an influence on the risks of cancer. Thus, people who have had more than ten sexual partners are more likely to be affected by this disease.

International team of researchers has found that having ten or more sexual partners in one’s lifetime greatly increases the likelihood of developing cancer, study results published February 13 in BMJ Sexual & Reproductive say. Health.

According to the study, this trend has been observed in women as well as in men.

To reach these conclusions, British, Canadian, Italian, Austrian and Turkish researchers interviewed 5,722 people about the number of partners they have had in their lives. The average age of the respondents was 64 years.

Compared to women who reported 0 or 1 sexual partner, those who reported having 10 or more were 91% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

Among men, those who reported 2 or 4 sexual partners were 57% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than those who reported having 0 or 1. However, for those who reported 10 or more, the risk is increased by 69%.

However, the scientists emphasize that this is only an observational study, acknowledging that it is difficult for them to establish a causal link. However, according to them, “this increased risk could be due to some well-known sexually transmitted infections”.

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