HEALTH – why self-medicate the people

The self-medication, defined as the exercise of taking medication on their own initiative, without prescription or medical supervision, it is a practice to which resort many dominicans. Systemic factors and cultural influence of this custom. The sociologist and social researcher Angel Seraphim’s Neck he mentions four factors that have an impact to a segment of […]

Dominican republic participates in the seizure of four tons of cocaine in Spain

The security forces of Spanish, in collaboration with the DEA in america and the police forces of several Latin american countries, found four tonnes of cocaine in various interventions carried out in the port city of Valencia (east of Spain). The drug was hidden in six containers that were transporting goods very diverse as sheets, […]

Get to know the cities that will have flights to Punta Cana from July 1,

The Punta Cana International airport it has planned to receive in the fourth phase of the desescalada economic 363 flights, by which the terminal of the tourism zone has put in place a protocol response to the pandemic of the COVID-19. These are the countries, airlines and cities that you will travel to Punta Cana […]

The US exceeds 114,000 deaths and 2 million infections COVID-19

The united states reached this Friday the figure of 114,613 dead and 2,043,656 confirmed cases of the COVID-19, in accordance with the separate count of the Johns Hopkins University. This balance of 20.00 local time (00.00 GMT on Saturday) is of 839 new deaths and has 21,666 infections more than the Thursday. The state of […]

Four newborn planets were baked by their young sun

An examination of the young star V1298 Tau, barely 25 million years old, has revealed that its intense writing in the past vaporized the atmospheres of four newborn planets in its orbit. The innermost planets may have evaporated down to their rocky cores, leaving no atmosphere, according to research led by the Leibniz Institute for […]

ASTRONOMY – New calculations raise doubts about the standard model of the Universe

New precision distance measurements with a set of radio telescopes has increased the probability of revision of the “standard model” that describes the fundamental nature of the Universe. The new distance measurements allowed astronomers to refine their calculation of the Hubble constant, the rate of expansion of the universe, an important value to test the […]

PRM on Yamil Abreu Navarro case: Criminal or unlawful conduct is condemned

Santo Domingo, RD. The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) ruled on the case of the director of the Municipal Board of Las Lagunas, of the Azua province, Yamil Abreu Navarro, after accusations made by the National Directorate of Drug Control (DNCD) of having alleged links to the Sinaloa Cartel, Mexico. The political organization assured that it […]