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Did Washington know about the “Jericho Wall” document about Hamas’ attack plan? An American official responds

(CNN) – An American official told CNN that his government had no prior knowledge of the so-called “Jericho Wall” document published by the New York Times on Thursday, about the plan for the attack launched by the Hamas movement on October 7. the first.

The official added: “There are no indications at this time that the intelligence community has been provided with the alleged ‘Jericho Wall’ document published by The New York Times on Thursday, and the intelligence community will certainly continue to review its information.”

It is noteworthy that New York Times columnist Ronen Bergman said to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper during a discussion of his shocking report that Israeli intelligence was aware of the Hamas attack plan more than a year ago: “At some point in 2022.” Approximately, Israeli intelligence was able to obtain a plan for the Hamas attack, which was codenamed by Israeli intelligence as the “Jericho Wall.” It contains many different details about how the attack occurred, just as it happened only one year later.

He added: “But Israeli analysts and some senior Israeli intelligence officials saw the plan as a compass for building forces, as they described it, as being for where Hamas wants to go and not where it is. So, while they had this plan, they saw that Hamas was far away.” They are far from being able to do it, and they believe that Hamas does not have the ability to conduct such huge operations.”

Bergman noted that an analyst for the intercepted information in Unit 8200 — synonymous with the US National Security Agency in Israel — warned that she believed “Hamas is working to narrow the gap between the Jericho Wall plan and its true capabilities,” but there was a response from some senior intelligence officers, who “They told her this was a fantasy plan, they couldn’t do it.”

The writer stressed, “If the Israeli defense establishment had admitted that Hamas was capable of launching such an attack, it could have placed a completely different size of forces on the border, and the result might have been completely different.”

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