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A 5th grade kid didn’t finish his homework and got hit by the teacher 70 times.

A 5th grade child reveals that the teacher regularly hit him with a rod. A large bruise formed.

Miss Um (pseudonym), older sister of the child Telling about an incident that almost broke her heart. After knowing that his younger brother Got it from the teacher in Thai At a school in Buriram Province where my younger brother is studying. Punished by spanking a total of 70 times, causing large bruises on the buttocks.

Know that the cause comes from The teacher ordered homework for the student to do during the school break. Total of 107 pages, but the student completed only 37 pages, leaving 70 pages remaining.

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which this Thai language teacher It was agreed with the students that If any student does not finish I will use a rod to hit my face one at a time. As a result, he was hit a total of 70 times and caused large bruises.

Ms. Um said that recently the school and the teacher in question We have already contacted and apologized to the parents. But myself and my family saw that It is something that cannot be overlooked. Because it is too violent an action. and that is unacceptable That is, after the incident, the teacher took the younger sibling to get treatment for his wound at a clinic. Then have him tell the doctor that he fell on his own, which is not true. His mental state is now not ready to go back to studying at the same school again. Because I am very afraid of this teacher.

Meanwhile, an 11-year-old boy said that he was hit regularly by this teacher. By the stick used to hit It is a bamboo with a long, slender appearance. And when hitting, the teacher will hit in a rapid manner.

Mr. Ekkaphop said that the child’s family had come to complain to the Sai Mai Must Surv page. which he had the opinion that Thailand should not have this kind of punishment. Because it will cause children to absorb violence from teachers and schools. And when children grow up, they will use this violence in society.

Initially, Mr. Ekaphob will take parents and children. went to report legal action against the teacher, while also coordinating with the Ministry of Education Let’s come down and look at this matter already.

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