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SpaceX Starlink did not reduce the cost of the new generation antenna, but equipped it with a router with Wi-Fi 6

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SpaceX sent emails to customers of its Starlink satellite Internet service, informing them of the cost of a set of equipment with the latest antenna. The latest version of the device will cost the same as the current set of equipment – $599.

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One of the Starlink users on the social network Reddit published a screenshot from the corresponding letter from the company. The price of $599 corresponds to the price of the current Starlink equipment kit, which includes a second-generation antenna and a 2nd-generation Wi-Fi router.

Thus, consumers expecting a price reduction for the updated Starlink product will likely be disappointed. However, there is a positive side – the product, which the company calls the new standard antenna model, at least has not increased in price. SpaceX’s plan for bringing the product to market is to offer it first to “select” customers in the United States through an invitation-only system, and only then release it to the general public.

Image source: Reddit user Reddit-cha

Another positive aspect is that the updated kit also includes a 3rd generation router with support for Wi-Fi 6. That said, SpaceX is already selling a Wi-Fi 6 router to select customers for $199, and in January 2024 Sales of the complete updated Starlink kit have started. The invitation to purchase a new antenna states the following: “The next-generation Starlink is thinner, more portable, and has a sleeker design than its predecessor. Starlink also includes our 3rd generation router with increased range and speed».

However, the report does not indicate whether the updated antenna improves data transfer speeds compared to older Starlink antenna models. Due to this, existing subscribers who have already paid to own older equipment are unsure whether they should buy a new Starlink antenna. “In fact, I don’t see the need to upgrade for the vast majority of people, wrote one Reddit user. — This new antenna is much larger than the old one, over three inches wider. This makes it even more difficult to transport and store.».

In addition, the updated Starlink dish does not have an electric motor to rotate the antenna. It is designed for fixed placement on a built-in stand or mounted on a special stand. Other changes include improved water resistance as well as higher power consumption.

While the $599 price tag for the new antenna remains relatively high, SpaceX is also preparing to sell a smaller, more portable Starlink antenna that should be about the size of a MacBook. But so far, SpaceX has not provided any official information about this product.

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